C60 Purple Power

C60 is the single-most powerful antioxidant ever discovered—a naturally occurring molecule that may be the most amazing chemistry discovery of the century.

“C60” is short for Carbon 60. It’s a molecule with 60 tiny atoms shaped like a hollow soccer ball and characterized by those who’ve studied it as a “free radical sponge”. Not only is it several hundred times more powerful than conventional antioxidants, it can actually “reset” itself. So, while typical antioxidants can only neutralize one free radical at a time, C60’s free radical neutralizing power never diminishes.

C60 works at the cellular level to lift the oxidative burden while neutralizing free radicals. Many people are interested in C60’s ability to help optimize mitochondrial function, and its ability to promote a balanced immune response. People who are noticing age-related memory loss appreciate C60, especially for its ability to help promote energy and mental clarity. Many athletes note benefits to performance and decreased recovery times. C60 may promote skin vitality and hair growth and may lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles when applied topically. People also use C60 for their pets to support longevity, a healthy immune response, and overall wellness.

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Videos with Clif High Discussing C60

Clif High introduces C60 on the Sarah Westall show and provides a great explanation of the ridiculous lethal dose testing.

On the Arcane Bear show, Clif brags on C60 for 15 minutes or so.

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