Adjusted for inflation since 1980, the price of silver should be $600/oz, so we’re basically being subsidized to buy it at anything under that point.

  • 00:35 Treaty of Westphalia in 1699
  • 02:17 For 150+ years, silver held at a day’s labor; Now tied to carbon credits
  • 03:37 Petrodollar breakdown
  • 04:20 When silver breaks loose, there will be a day when it goes up a dollar, then two dollars in a day, the two dollars, then five dollars, then twenty, then off to races
  • 05:11 Hyperinflation; Derivatives; We don’t need another “financial system”; We need an economy, not central control
  • 06:43 At current prices, you are basically being paid to buy silver; Should be $600/oz according to

Source: Greg Hunter Interview – October 2, 2021

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