Clif High Necessities

Clif High Necessities

A growing compilation of useful items mentioned by Clif. He hasn’t endorsed any specific brands. These are merely products that seem to be of reasonable quality and are conveniently available on Amazon.

Ab Zapper Belt

“My approach is to buy one of these zapper belts… It’s got a little tiny battery pack and it sends little bursts of electricity into the muscles of the abdomen [in an] irregular pattern… It causes this basic instability in the muscles…and starts working on the inner abdominal fats.”
— Clif High, 20230614 – Crispr Critters…

Where Clif talked about the Ab Zapper belt

  1. 20230614 – Crispr Critters…

Annatto Tocotrienols

“Fenbendazole must have tocotrienols—Vitamin E—in order to be fully activated. So you can take Fenbendazole all you want, but if you don’t have Vitamin E with tocotrienols…it’s not gonna to be anywhere near as affective. Maybe it’s only going to be like 10% as affective versus taking it with Vitamin E… That serious boost the affect of Fenbendazole. Researchers discovered this because Fenbendazole is anticancerous with dogs. And dogs have a preponderance of tocotrienols.”
— Clif High, 20240319 – Cancer & Chemies

Blue Light Glasses

“I wear these glasses, not necessarily to provide better vision, but to screen out a lot of the blue rays that are coming in from irradiated surfaces… These lenses have been replaced wit ha little tiny amount of polarizing and a little tiny amount of yellow screening. I’ve got some that have even more yellow screening so it screens out even more of the blue light.”
20181128 – Clif High YouTube #79

Byrna Self Defense Device

Curious that our Matterium has the commies here in America desperately trying to get ‘guns’ away from people, all based on gunpowder propelled projectiles. Here in Washington state, the commies have even put an extra tax on gunpowder propelled ammo as a regulatory disincentive.

BUT they have a tunnel vision focused on ‘guns’ not recognizing that technology has passed them by. All their ‘mass shootings’, and other political theater will now have to be redefined as the split of technology into different forms of propulsion of projectiles (canned gas, refillable canisters, and even electric (railguns)) that are in no way impacted by their acts & regulation.

In fact, these technologies are rapidly improving to nearly match (ultimately exceed?) the capability of gunpowder propelled projectiles.

And as home defense weapons, some may well be superior in the areas of no recoil, ease of use, NO NOISE to speak of, and they are “less lethal”.

Plus, you can use various forms of ammo, So a single magazine can have nylon, or aluminum (more fatality potential) , or chemical deterrent rounds (my personal favorite…love to see an invader writhing & puking on the floor).

And no ‘authorities’ intervening. No background check….yada yada yada.

Anyway i like a few of the makers, some of the best reviews go to byrna (i have a few of their devices). Not affiliated other than as a satisfied customer.
— Clif High, March 31, 2024 Tweet

Other times Clif mentions this product…

Paintball Gun

Similar setup to what Clif demonstrated in this 42-second video.

For Clif’s exact gun, see the TCR on Byrna’s website.


“My guy in Wuhan…told everybody to double-up on your chaga tea. What is the single largest component of chaga tea for you as a nutrient? Vitamin D. Want to get more Vitamin D out of your chaga? Let it sit in the sun. It reacts to the sun the same way our skin does. It creates Vitamin D. Plus chaga is known as the mushroom of immortality and it’s the most studied mushroom on this planet for the past 4000 years.”
— Clif High, 20211228 – Patel Patriot Devolution #1

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“I had a specific kind of skin cancer. Huge—the size of the palm of my hand. And it was identified in, like, 2012 or something like that. I didn’t want to mess around with the oncologists…they were all hot to cut it out. I had an appointment scheduled two weeks later (after it was diagnosed) to go and get a huge chunk of my scalp cut off. I applied Curaderm which is this product that was developed for cows and cancer in Australia because of the sunlight and all of the tumors they develop. They put this stuff on the tumor and it falls off. And it killed the cancer cells. It stung where it touched cancer cells, but it did not in any way react with healthy skin. So my skin sort of collapsed a little bit as the cancer cells underneath it died. And then it [the skin] came back [to its normal level]. And the doctors were pissed…”
— Clif High, 20231113 – Jenny Moonstone #2 – Year of Dragon

Where Clif talked about this product…

  1. 20231113 – Jenny Moonstone #2 – Year of Dragon


Ferrofluid…demonstrates a number of really cool things… I’m going to bring a series of four neodymium magnets up to it and create the effect and you’ll see what a magnetic field actually looks like.”
— Clif High, 20160122 – Clif High YouTube #21

Where Clif talked about ferrofluid

  1. 20160122 – Clif High YouTube #21

Fulvic Minerals

“Get minerals. You’re better off getting plant-based minerals…fulvic minerals…plants that decayed and didn’t become coal…ended up becoming a preservation layer in many parts of the planet of an intense mineral boon to us.”
— Clif High, 20161211 – Clif High YouTube #48

Where Clif talked about fulvic minerals

  1. 20161211 – Clif High YouTube #48

L. Reuteri & L. Gasseri

“Ok people. i just ran across this yet again. FASTING fucks over your microbiome layer. Be sure to repair it if you must do fasting. L. Reuteri & L. Gasseri in a single capsule on Amazon. Search.”
— Clif High, November 30, 2023 Tweet

Where Clif talked about L Reuteri & L Gasseri…

Keychain Knife

“So i have no financial interest in this at ALL. None. But i do care that you care about your women & children (teach them, doofus!)…. 2-fer $9. Not much bucks for that last ditch effort at Life! Combine this with the Vital Point Strikes.”
— Clif High, November 30, 2023 Tweet

Neodymium Magnets

“Ferrofluid…demonstrates a number of really cool things… I’m going to bring a series of four neodymium magnets up to it and create the effect and you’ll see what a magnetic field actually looks like.”
— Clif High, 20160122 – Clif High YouTube #21

Where Clif talked about Neodymium Magnets…

  1. 20160122 – Clif High YouTube #21

Night Vision Goggles

“I look with the night vision goggles. I see the secret space program up there flying around. So if you’ve got those night vision goggles and you see those things, it’s like Antarctica, at some point you expect one of those spaceship pilots to come on down and start blabbing. You know? I mean you would expect that to naturally occur… You can see the floaty triangles. You can see the big cargo ships. And all of this. And they’ve been getting very active up there. There’s a lot more of them now than there was two years ago… You want the PCV-7, 3rd Generation… Once you’ve got these things, the world does not look the same!
— Clif High, 20170825 – Sarah Westall #4c

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Humann SuperBeets

“These are the soft chews. The products are so powerful that you’ve got to be careful about how many you take. You can’t just gulp this stuff like candy… One of the things they tout—and it’s 100% true—is that you can exercise longer, harder, with far less muscular strain, say 30 minutes after chewing on one of these things.”
— Clif High, 20190702 – Clif High YouTube #88


You have a certain amount of these substances when you are born and then you actually keep increasing those until about the age 30 and then they start falling away. These chemicals are throughout the brain and they are used by the brain to, in some way, fix and hold and retrieve memory.
— Clif High, 20240222 – Energy, in old age & with cancer…

Plutchik Wheel of Emotions

“This Polish sociologist that did real good work…came up with this “wheel of emotions”. He ties all of these emotions together, shows how emotions radiate out, and he does it graphically. He was just really brilliant in categorizing it.”
— Clif High, 20210928 – David Nino Rodriguez #1

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Rodin Coil

“A huge number of people are experimenting with Rodin coils… It makes a very intriguing electromagnet. The electromagnetic properties that it demonstrates have lead myself and others to make a number of conclusions that I think are supportable at this stage and appear to suggest that some of our understanding of things like magnetism is entirely wrong.”
— Clif High, 20160122 – Clif High YouTube #21

Where Clif talked about Rodin Coils

  1. 20160122 – Clif High YouTube #21

“There are three substances that I know of that nourish the hypothalamus… One is chaga tea. I don’t think it’s a powerful in that function as schisandra… Chaga tea, schisandra, and the other one…all of them are adaptogens. We take them because they aid us in adapting to stress. The reason that they aid us in adapting to stress is because they affect the health and well-being of the hypothalamus which controls your hormones… So if you want to be nice and mellow and that kind of stuff, you have adaptogens every damn day.”
— Clif High, 20231014 – Blind Horus Eye

Other shows where shungite is mentioned…

  1. 20231014 – Blind Horus Eye

After substantial experimentation with his own EMF instruments, Clif sold himself on shungite as a serious tool for protection from EMFs. Listen on 20230507 – Don’t say that about Charlie’s clone!

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Structured Water Funnel

“Water can be more effectively used by the human body when the water itself is in a lattice form that is more agreeable to the human body… They are fantastic devices for providing structured water on-the-go (from the dead/flat water you might get from the plastic water bottles). They work by creating that vortex.”
20161111 – Clif High YouTube #45

Tennis Ball Cannon

“so my thinking at the moment is to use this device as my shit-gun for expressing distaste of govt. What i will do is to collect dog shit, put it in enough paper sacks to get a decent seal on the tube, & fire it like it was a tennis ball. Not as spectacular as the farmers manure cannons, but it is portable & reasonably cheap.”
— Clif High, January 29, 2024 Tweet

Urolithin A

“One of the ways to fight the loss of muscle mass due to aging…is to use this stuff called Urolithin A…”
— Clif High, 20240222 – Energy, in old age & with cancer…

Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

“These are machines that vibrate you at a very fast pace so that theoretically you are exercising at a higher level of gravity… It’s sort of a misnomer, but it comes from the origin of these machines which was on the Russian space station where they used them to maintain muscle mass in space and it, in essence, produced an artificial gravity field in which they exercised and it was very good. These machines are extremely good for aging people. They are extremely good for recovery from all different kinds of injuries and accidents.”
— Clif High, 20190702 – Clif High YouTube #88

Archivist Note: In 20190712 – Clif High YouTube #90, Clif does a 10-minute commercial for his specific HyperVibe machine. But he also explains that a critical capability of any vibration plate machine is that it can do at least 18 cycles per second (or 18 Hz). This was enlightening as there are several machines we researched on Amazon that weren’t capable that. The machine we’ve selected to highlight here has a range of 4hz-40hz.

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Liposomal Vitamin C with Sunflower Lecithin

“There’s an even better way [than needles]. This is Liposomal Vitamin C… encapsulated in little lipids that go through the stomach so it’s not destroyed and it gets absorbed in the intestine. Liposomal Vitamin C is more expensive than regular Vitamin C, but you’d have to take to reach the level of dosage that you actually need to maintain an anti-cancer protection… Don’t get hooked on a particular brand if it contains soy. If you’re a male, you shouldn’t consume soy at all… You can find Liposomal Vitamin C that’s been encapsulated in sunflower lecithin.”
— Clif High, 20190217 – Clif High YouTube #83

Vitamin D & K2

“The single greatest disease on our planet now—that has been in existence for at least the last two or three hundred years—is Vitamin D deficiency… We become weak through Vitamin D which is the key component to our immune system. It is a pro-hormone that effects 3000 of our systems. So if you don’t got it, you’re dead, basically.”
— Clif High, 20211228 – Patel Patriot Devolution #1

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