Scenario - Novella by Clif High

Gritty, fast-paced novella by Clif High that brings raw language and technical details to a space alien attack and abduction like only Clif can do! Dog included.

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Originally posted in 9 parts on X/Twitter

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3 thoughts on “Scenario – 9-Part Novella by Cliff High”
  1. None of those hypothetical theories would be the actual scenario. Either Cliff High is majorly lacking in spiritual development or has just lost his mind. Why don’t you just look at the facts as presented by Dr. Steven Greer? Seriously, take the time and look at real evidence. Reading those short stories was completely disgusting. If real extra terrestrial beings were to read those words, it would undoubtedly increase their concerns for humanity. Why would an ET walk aggressively through the front door of a strangers house? And immediately get shot in the vitals? Not the arm? Or leg? How blatantly ignorant. Why would people have developed the immediate need to attack a real ET to begin with? Because they were previously brainwashed before? Is that not what causes the instant fear of a benevolent visitor? Watching too much Star Trek? Cliff High is following the same trajectory of the good alien vs the bad alien. For anyone who has followed Dr. Steven Greer and has had successful CE5 contact experiences for themselves. Real benevolent ET people are not a threat to humanity. They have never been a hostile enemy towards anyone. If society doesn’t smarten up soon, they could very well end up defending themselves against the ignorant hostility against them. I am not joking about this. Real ET people currently feel threatened by the aggressiveness of this civilization. They will take action. Because this civilization is hostile, not them. Who wouldn’t defend themselves against hostility? They have been letting us off the hook. We are missing an entire lost century of advancement, and TPTB must be stopped soon. Everyone I strongly urge you to stop using negative energies. Try delivering beautiful messages of peacefulness, instead of poorly written childish short stories. I don’t care about hypothetical situations. There is enough evidence out there that proves without a doubt, that ET people have been visiting this world peacefully.
    I will tell you the most likely scenario. That the supposed ET who aggressively walked through the door was a man made programmed artificial life form and TPTB designed the whole stint to deliberately confuse the masses. Honestly, if your going to get serious about UFO phenomenon you had better get some good info first. Also called researching the evidence Cliff.

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