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Notice to Principles and Agents: The label “CLIF HIGH” is a copyrighted stage name, the use of which is reserved to myself. i will be suing to support my claims to it. Be advised. Lawsuits coming for your chotskie sales, you low down dirty, scum sucking thief.
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Notice : i hate name stealers. Those who steal my name and trademarks will be sued out of business. Also note that i win my lawsuits and the timing is in my hands.
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This site is run independently of Clif High and was started without his knowledge. Since we link to original videos/audios whenever possible, the practical function is to drive more attention to his original videos and those of his interviewers while minimizing any attention that pirates may reap when people search for Clif’s content using search tools that have no such concerns.

We have not approached Clif about this project primarily because we didn’t want to waste his time, not only for approval of this site overall but for smaller decisions that are made from time to time when determining how this site will function and best serve its users.

Our sincere hope is that this project only enhances Clif’s service to humanity and is, therefore, harmonized with his efforts.