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Clif High and Bix Weir

Convenient archive of all Clif High appearances on Bix Weir’s Road to Roota show.

20220118 – Bix Weir #11

Considering the role of silver and the collapse of civilizations in addition to the approaching Ice Age glaciation, mass die-offs and the breakdown of systems, Kazakhstan offers a fair representation…

20210130 – Bix Weir #10

Wide-ranging discussion of data showing a spike in emotions, speculation of secrets revealed in Antarctica, and Clif patent on magnet technology. Direct video link:

20200313 – Bix Weir #9

Latest details for proactively dealing with the “Sun Disease”, including Vitamin C, D, and Chaga. Introduction of Pure Sleep. Direct video link:

20200218 – Bix Weir #7

Initial speculations from the very early days of Sun Disease (COVID) about possible severity and effects on businesses and supply chains. Direct video link:

20191028 – Bix Weir #6

The Soaring Twenties report provides a background in which Clif describes the crystallization of the Control vs Freedom divisions of society…Static vs Dynamic and Famine vs Innovation. Direct video link:…

20190729 – Bix Weir #5

In this rare in-person interview, Clif talks about blockchain technology leading to decentralized society and providing optimism about the future. Part 3 of 3 Continued from Part 2 Direct video…

20190725 – Bix Weir #4

In this rare in-person interview, Bix and Clif discuss lots of future tech including new materials, distributed power, Mandela Effects as possible result of quantum computers, and more! Part 2…