2015: Web bot hit! Bitcoin transits $408 three times and then establishes a new floor and $428. Coming rediscovery of the benefits of copper. Science of karmans.

YouTube video description: clif’s wujo on December 18, 2015 – Metals and Woo-woo: about silver, gold, bitcoin, early 2016 forecasts, and woo woo about channelers, AI, and karma(n).

sorry, misspoke, meant MANGANESE, not Mg, magnesium….MnSn2 for Manganese and Tin….

book referenced is:
The doctrine of karman in Jain philosophy (Parshvanath Vidyashram series) 1991
by Helmuth von Glasenapp (Author)

  • 01:25 Prescient data sets: $408 bitcoin transit repetition to $428 floor; Silver relationship
  • 13:00 Problems with silver delivery
  • 15:15 Significant disruptions for April and May
  • 17:30 Copper discoveries; Copper charges and protects from bacteria
  • 22:00 Open-sourcing projects
  • 24:35 Magnetic properties of metals; Manganese and Tin alloys
  • 31:50 AI – No capacity to mimic emotion, only the results of emotion
  • 34:15 Channelers will reincarnate as a paranoid schizophrenic; Ramtha
  • 42:20 Karma; Karmans; Jain religion
  • 47:00 Hitler vs Mother Theresa
  • 50:45 Metempsychosis; Heaven; Hell

Direct video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUYXzJkuAG0

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