Clif High discusses his October 2016 ALTA Report with members of the Web Bot Forum. Interesting points include: Internet run by phone companies, logistics of possible breakaway civilization, and elites generally losing control.

00:01:27 Crescendo end of globalism; Flight from Mason lodges; Trans-shipment of cotton; 2020s innovation wave;
00:08:20 BREXIT
00:18:30 Irish Banking System; Irish creative protest
00:27:40 Powers That Be won’t choose Mad Max route; Depopulation; Black Death
00:32:50 Rothschilds
00:33:45 Bill Joy: Does the Future Need Us?
00:39:50 American Aggression
00:42:00 Pole Vaulting analogy
00:46:33 Data leads to more optimism than a decade ago
00:56:00 Data gaps; Possible internet damage; Rise of video
01:01:22 Dark Web; Telephone companies run the internet
01:05:00 Internet marketing; SEO
01:15:00 Alternate timelines; $650 bitcoin; Is CERN messing with time?
01:19:15 Breakaway civilization; $9 Trillion
01:28:50 Federal Reserve becomes irrelevant
01:30:50 Failure of insurance companies and banks; Small community banks, credit unions
01:38:20 “Data disease” in Housing; Property title mess
01:46:20 Earthquakes and fault lines
01:54:20 New Electrics
01:57:50 Deep Sea cold water heat exchange to generate electricity
02:00:50 New Renaissance

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