Short update on themes brought up in ALTA report. Fall of US healthcare system and just-in-time manufacturing.

YouTube Description: Apologies for the blurry video. FStop stuck. Used camera.

Pie is blended apples, Braeburn, Rosa, Yellow Delicious, Pippin, with a coconut oil crust.

Bonds turned in July
Then USA bonds took the largest 1 day move ever the day after Trump elected.

American Federal Reserve Note empire meltdown continues:
dollar up which means trade down;
jobs down;
healthcare costs up, delivery of services down;
largest amount of out of country medical services levels ever in last two years by USAPop.

JIT supply system under huge stress. Further shipping problems and collapses underway.

  • 01:00 Meltdown of Federal Reserve; Downward spiral of US Empire; Dollar up temporarily only because it’s the least dirty shirt
  • 3:40 Largest ever out-of-country medical procedures for US citizens
  • 03:58 Just-in-time system breaking down; Look at shipping first
  • 04:55 Pension problems
  • 10:40 Crack-up month sometime after Trump inauguration

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