Wizards, warlocks, and sorcerers: Insights into the attempts to influence the 2016 election with spiritual manipulation.

YouTube Description: A discussion of why some people think ‘spirit cooking’ works.

i lay out the framework of the energy universe and how it pertains to and supports some aspects of what we call ‘majic’.

A few hints as to how to protect yourself from vibration disturbances such as majic.

  • 00:45 Materium; Universe pulses at 22 trillion times per second; Eyes perceive 24-60 fps
  • 04:15 Why spirit cooking works
  • 05:50 Brain is an amazing antenna…tub of emulsified oil filled with nano-crystals; Entrainment
  • 09:05 Why their spirit cooking failed; Not connected to source; Sorcerer; Magician
  • 16:05 We are energy beings; Dehydration
  • 20:30 Characteristics of sorcerers
  • 23:38 CERN; Big Mistake
  • 28:00 Conquerors no longer use war
  • 30:00 Suffering of pedophiles
  • 24:00 Freemasonry
  • 37:35 Fulvic minerals

Direct video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iKuC0fyGdo

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