The correlation between the locations of quantum computers and the occurrences of Mandela Effects may indicate a connection. How would that work? And why it is stupid to fear or personify AI.

YouTube Description: This is a discussion about the Mandela effect, AI, and Quantum computers. The Artificial Intelligence discussion is pertinent to the Mandela effect.

Geordie Rose – Quantum Computing: Artificial Intelligence Is Here

D-Wave Founder Eric Ladizinsky – The Coming Quantum Computing Revolution

i also want to know how they are shielding these machines from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN which is producing magnetic fields several times stronger than the planetary field.

  • 00:38 Intelligence = the ability to acquire new knowledge and change your opinion based on the new inputs; Artificial Intelligence (AI) doesn’t exist; Marketing slogan for companies selling expert systems…very large databases
  • 02:00 Woo world falsley fearful of Alien AI; CERN
  • 04:30 The Primary or Ring Zero
  • 09:15 Compiled Block Statements
  • 17:05 Mandela Effect
  • 23:45 Appears to be a link between the spread of quantum computers and the spread of the Mandela Effect
  • 31:00 Pushing the isolated can down the the consciousness field
  • 36:00 The location of quantum computers correlates to occurrences of Mandela Effects
  • 41:35 Lack of Mandela Effects in China; Chinese are developing an entrainment form of quantum computers
  • 47:20 Google’s indexing problem

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