2-minute video tour of Clif’s latest purchase: 1977 GMC RV intended for use as a mobile studio. Future videos will reference this as a conversion to Clif’s “floaty RV.”

YouTube Description: This is our new, 1977 GMC motorhome destined to become the hph mobile video studio. The EM50 reference is from the movie Stripes with Bill Murray in which the GMC played a character.

Our GMC motorhome is going to be rehab’d and kitted out as a traveling mobile video studio. It can also be used as a bug out vehicle for when the space aliens attack, or as an on property, alternative shelter if there is major earthquake damage. Like later this year.

The GMC has the advantage of having a cult following, standard parts, a strange history, good performance over the years, and holding value, thus able to return money later.

Cale and i set about rebuilding, reimagining, replacing, rethinking, updating, and such like after i have a couple of days to plan what is needed.

Direct video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YW7DqQRpf3k

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