Leak Project interview with Clif High speculating that the push for 5G may be a method to track the DNA of alien hybrids among us.

Continued from Part 1

  • 01:55 5G is extremely expensive for telcos so they want to market it to you as a way to create revenue stream in advance
  • 07:00 IOT
  • 08:30 Only a small percentage of informed people are necessary
  • 11:00 5G can be used to differentiate changes in DNA in the field
  • 14:25 Bob Lazar; At least one previous civilization going back millions of years; Alien wars
  • 18:00 New ice age; Magnetic pole flip includes multiples of each pole;
  • 25:00 Fracturing of media, politics, society, everything has a correlation to changing sun; Crop Failures
  • 29:30 Sealed indictments conspiracy is bogus – not practical
  • 35:30 Mob mentality around killing aliens
  • 37:17 More serious consideration of history needed; Royals in Europe had elongated skulls
  • 40:50 5G may be a strawman to distract us from something more serious
  • 45:00 More on European royals with elongated skulls
  • 47:20 Clif signs off


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