Composition of chemtrails match that of coal fly ash. May’s financial chaos will lead to supply chain disruptions in June, forcing normies to confront HyperNovelty.

  • 00:45 Chemtrail studies in 1958; Geoengineering with coal fly ash; Coal Fly Ash composition matches chemtrails
  • 03:40 Old Farts Group in turmoil due to US/Russia conflict; Jew connection
  • 06:20 New big data run; Big stuff in May; Supply chain disruption; Bees in plastic jars
  • 10:00 Normies become aware of HyperNovelty in June; Financial crap in May leads to supply chain collapse in June
  • 13:50 Holocaust hoax; Millions starved in a month by Eisenhower in Rhine Valley; Holodomor
  • 15:25 Upcoming medical scandals; Einstein E=MC2 was plagiarized and useless; Undoing Einstein
  • 18:45 Eric Weinstein;
  • 20:50 Disagree with Jsnip4’s crash timing
  • 23:00 Inflation; Bitcoin is best performing asset in history; Raising chickens
  • 28:32 Chemtrail Awareness contest in May

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