Discussion around learning to interpret webbot data, the Cindy Sheehan event, and how we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

00:01:35 Clif was writing help files for Microsoft in the 1980s; SMS Project at Microsoft; Speed up data searches
00:08:30 Blowing a reading about a woman and oil; Dread Companion; Cindy Sheehan
00:25:45 Recent stuff about the Space Shuttle; Secrets Revealed, NASA totally closed to life outside Earth
00:36:35 Headlong rush to the Singularity
00:43:40 Emotional tension buildup in USPop over the Fall; Greater Depression
00:52:00 Avoid alien abduction by having a dog; Changes to the firmament; Changes in the Sun; Sun changed from yellow to white
00:59:35 Clif was the minority white guy as a youth in the South; Blacks are being manipulated into drugs; Same as Appalachia
01:08:00 Internal problems in China
01:10:00 Strategies for self-sufficiency and George Ure’s site; New Ice Age
01:17:50 Shortage of concrete; DUMBs
01:33:45 Strangeness around 9/11
01:38:00 Moon landing; Patanjali and consciousness
01:43:45 Spiritual beings having a human experience; Severe Earth changes; Buckminster Fuller
01:50:00 Brain is antenna; Building an antenna that coverts vibration to electricity

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