Information about consciousness, psychic abilities, and the advantage of learning other languages.

  • 00:01:34 Monitoring the shelf-life of the emotional content of language
  • 00:04:20 Katrina and New Orleans – City returning to the mud
  • 00:06:00 For every 1.2 million people born, we’ll have a truly outstanding genius; Psychic abilities
  • 00:10:29 Consciousness Explained by Daniel Dennett; Neural net
  • 00:18:45 Robot.txt; Chinese group doing something similar to Clif
  • 00:29:00 Learning another language; extending language; faster reading
  • 00:41:50 Issues at NASA; “Dark Space Difficulty”; Gama Ray Burst
  • 00:47:00 Transitioning from Cohesion to Militancy
  • 00:56:55 Elongated Skulls; The Science of Yoga; Patanjali; The Chinese Book of Life
  • 01:03:05 Silver to surpass gold in value; Silver is being eaten up by industrial processes
  • 01:07:10 Sun Disease
  • 01:11:00 Ten times the number of UFO sightings after the turn fo the century
  • 01:12:40 Reptilian
  • 01:22:31 Buckminster Fuller Synergetics
  • 01:24:30 December event
  • 01:31:05 Weather Manipulation
  • 01:37:00 Piscean Age = Rise of Bible-based religions, control systems – schooling; Aquarian Age = Less central authority and more self organizing collectives
  • 01:44:20 Singularity

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