Clif has detected “memering” by controllers—inserting ideas into collective consciousness by strategically placing them into Internet forums or magnifying emotional responses.

  • 00:42 Clif introduction
  • 01:32 Clif joins show; Overview of ALTA and web bots
  • 05:02 Predicted 9/11 “Military Accident”
  • 11:05 Memering – Groups sewing ideas into the Internet to engineer the subconscious of the masses; Magnifying emotional situations
  • 24:10 Flood meme
  • 25:50 Canary Island volcano tsunami possibility? Banda Aceh
  • 30:45 Pole Shift 2011? Or are people simply talking about it?
  • 44:05 Three large categories: 1. Economic; 2. Military; Terra; 3. Terra; Oct – Financial; Nov-Dec – Terra event
  • 48:10 Zionist Mistake; Israeli Mistake
  • 51:46 Indications of calls for an early election
  • 54:10 2012 meme is already being polluted
  • 55:00 Cold winter; Obesity due to HFCS and other pollution in food supply
  • 59:50 Global insurrection of epic proportions; Breakdown of central control and return to tribalism; SOCs (Self-Organizing Collectives)

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