Clif High on Jeff Rense

2nd Clif High interview from Rense archives. Clif has detected “memering” by controllers—inserting ideas into collective consciousness by strategically placing them into Internet forums or magnifying emotional responses.

  • 00:42 Clif introduction
  • 01:32 Clif joins show; Overview of ALTA and web bots
  • 05:02 Predicted 9/11 “Military Accident”
  • 11:05 Memering – Groups sewing ideas into the Internet to engineer the subconscious of the masses; Magnifying emotional situations
  • 24:10 Flood meme
  • 25:50 Canary Island volcano tsunami possibility? Banda Aceh
  • 30:45 Pole Shift 2011? Or are people simply talking about it?
  • 44:05 Three large categories: 1. Economic; 2. Military; Terra; 3. Terra; Oct – Financial; Nov-Dec – Terra event
  • 48:10 Zionist Mistake; Israeli Mistake
  • 51:46 Indications of calls for an early election
  • 54:10 2012 meme is already being polluted
  • 55:00 Cold winter; Obesity due to HFCS and other pollution in food supply
  • 59:50 Global insurrection of epic proportions; Breakdown of central control and return to tribalism; SOCs (Self-Organizing Collectives)

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