Clif High on Jeff Rense

3rd Clif High interview from Rense archives. War in Caucasus, calorie-based economy, and blockade of Iran.

  • 00:42 Intro of Clif
  • 02:21 Clif joins
  • 02:54 Caucasus Mountains; Georgia vs Russia; CIA overthrew Iran in 1953; Oil pipelines; Zionist Mistake
  • 07:40 October 7, 2008
  • 09:00 Zionism is not about religion; Crumbling of Powers That Be
  • 14:20 Calorie-based economy vs Abstract economy
  • 16:50 Pakistan
  • 27:30 Largest naval force in history is gathered in Persian Gulf; Blockade of Iran is equivalent to Declaration of War
  • 33:40 Oct 7 is a shifting from building emotional tension to release
  • 35:30 Canary Islands; Global Coastal Event; Electric Universe; Expanding Earth; Heliosphere is greatly increased

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