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Hour 1 ( Scroll down for Hours 2-4)

Clif and George Ure joined the last 15 minutes in the first hour of the show with just enough time to explain Web Bot basics and then go deeper for the next three hours.

  • 45:35 Clif and George Ure introduced
  • 47:51 Clif was outed by Jeff Rense
  • 49:50 Hunkering down; Building a boat
  • 50:40 Humans leak out psychic info; How the Web Bot works; 5th order beings

Hour 2

Clif High and George Ure in the 2nd hour of the September 2008 Coast to Coast show.

  • 00:36 2008 financial collapse started showing in 2002 data sets; The bigger the event, the earlier it will show in the Web Bot data
  • 02:15 Weddings are an archetype that appear across languages and nations
  • 04:00 Terrorism is data; Northeast power outage;
  • 07:20 Space shuttle disaster predicted
  • 09:00 No predictions for private party; Karmic implications
  • 16:00 Monumental and epic events of 2008
  • 20:30 Fractional reserve currency systems always end badly; Federal Reserve
  • 23:00 Preoccupation with money will become less intense; Self-Organizing Collective (SOC)
  • 30:45 Global Coastal Event
  • 38:00 October 9th?
  • 40:48 Dean Radin on time; Blink Lab
  • 43:40 Are governments pursuing linguistic prediction?; Approached CIA with Web Bot possibilities
  • 50:40 Antarctica
  • 53:20 2 million to 22 million lives lost or significantly changed

Hour 3

Clif High and George Ure in the 3rd hour of the September 2008 Coast to Coast show.

  • 02:35 Interview begins; Reality of ETs; Disappearances; Interdimensional doors
  • 08:15 Alien war event, possibly staged
  • 09:35 Humans are favored by the universe
  • 12:00 Psychonauts
  • 15:45 Two whistleblowers with device called “coherer”
  • 19:00 Political campaigns and Neuro Linguistics Programming
  • 20:15 Prepping
  • 24:15 Fundamental changes in religion, evangelical community first
  • 27:15 Steve Quayle and Tom Horn on Hedron Supercollider
  • 31:05 Clif’s take on religion; Evangelical “unburdening”; Religious Rights tie to CFR, Homeland Security, etc. as a control point for the population
  • 35:05 Israeli Mistake
  • 38:15 Symbology of the triangle
  • 40:55 Mass Awakening

Hour 4

Clif High and George Ure in the 4th hour of the September 2008 Coast to Coast show.

  • 00:25 Canada and Alaska compared to geographic US in coming crises; Angelic People
  • 04:00 Supercollider
  • 08:15 Underground Railroad or underground revolution
  • 11:15 Potential earthquakes
  • 12:40 Prepping;
  • 14:05 Triangles; October 15, Galactic Federation of Light
  • 19:15 Interview ends

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