This Election Eve show correctly forecasted an anti-Republican wave and Obama’s win.

  • 00:42 Show begins; Election Eve
  • 01:38 Clif joins; Part Zero report
  • 04:30 Anti-Republican Wave
  • 09:10 Year of staggering transformation of the social contract; Never got beyond the American Revolution, still pay tribute to the Queen
  • 16:53 George Bush facing serious crises; China and Russia will no longer use dollar for trade between each other; Need to cut some of the 190 military bases
  • 22:45 Greenspan’s Hedonic License – lying with statistics
  • 32:10 Offshore oil drilling is compromised in time of earthquakes; Problem with bio crops – six inches of topsoil; High-rise food growth; Seed vaults
  • 38:00 Whistleblowers will come out of woodwork when value of US Dollar declines
  • 39:20 Elite activity in Antarctica
  • 40:20 Two large earthquakes December 10,11,12

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