Clif High on Jeff Rense

Lots of reading directly from the current ALTA Report. Especially interesting is how much Biden the Babbler” is brought up…more than 14 years ago.

  • 00:55 Show begins
  • 01:45 Clif joins show; October 7th prediction of collapse; How predictive linguistics works
  • 05:48 Chinese are very sophisticated linguists; Biden seems to have read a similar report
  • 09:14 Biden comments preceding Obama inauguration
  • 11:15 Current ALTA report
  • 17:55 Biden the Babbler; Epic Battle
  • 19:00 Jeff reads many samples from the ALTA report
  • 44:00 Summer of Hell 2009; Dollar collapse; Flood of digi-dollars
  • 51:20 Living in abandoned strip malls
  • 59:20 4 possible scenarios
  • 1:00:30

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