“Rejected by all” language around the US Dollar appears to be 1 of 3 control systems that slip through the fingers of the Powers That Be.

  • 01:47 Woman Wearing Scars; Mario Lonza died on October 7; Buckminster Fuller
  • 05:00 Federal Reserve and US Dollar “rejected by all”; Derivatives; Importance of reading foreign press; Zimbabwe-style hyperinflation
  • 13:40 Nations wanting gold back
  • 17:55 Power That Be lose one of their three control systems
  • 23:50 Zionist Conspiracy; Global Coastal Event; Boycott Zionists
  • 28:00 Deflation of federal agencies
  • 32:30 Flus and Solar Cycles; Vitamin D
  • 35:00 ALTA Report is now reduced by 90% to $36 for 120 pages
  • 37:35 20,000 pages per day of declassified Russian documents
  • 39:35 Food storage; Grow your own food; Suburban Survivalism

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