NASA “bombing” of the Moon on October 9th with a highspeed projectile serves as the background for discussion of oddities about Earth’s satellite.

  • 03:05 Next ALTA report will be $10; Predictions are twice as good as chance; Bernanke said we were 3 hours away from complete global meltdown on October 7
  • 05:10 Alien Wars; NASA bombing the Moon on October 9; Richard Hoagland
  • 15:35 Jain religion maintains that there were 2.5 islands of humanity; Ringing the Moon; Moon is hollow
  • 22:20 Derivatives
  • 26:30 H1N1 Swine Flu; Chemtrails = Less Vitamin D
  • 31:00 Death of the Dollar
  • 35:00 Grain cycles
  • 36:15 Break-in of vaults will reveal 9/11 and other things

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