Clif High on Red Ice Radio

This is the 6th earliest Clif High interview currently in the archives. The program is almost entirely dedicated to a technical description of how the Web Bot works.

  • 01:50 Clif introduced; Predictive linguistics explained; Humans leak psychic impressions
  • 08:20 Description of the 3D IntelliCad portion of predicting emotional values
  • 18:52 First Web Bot run was done in 1997; Accuracy 51-52%; Tsunami and Northeast power outage
  • 22:50 Immediacy data vs Long-term data; Accidents of Greek Olympic swimming team
  • 24:35 The bigger the event the farther out in the future it will be predicted; Military Accident = 9/11
  • 35:40 Current report: The Shape of Things to Come
  • 41:00 Picking up the LANGUAGE of the future does not necessarily mean that language is factual
  • 43:30 Planetary impact of failing financial system; August 22, 2009 – Entered release period that will continue to October 25, the turn sharply to building tension
  • 48:40 Israeli Mistake
  • 53:35 End of Hour 1. Hour 2 seems to be lost.

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