Clif High on Red Ice Radio

Much of this program is about the failing establishment financial system and how bitcoin is Universe’s answer.

  • 00:30 Introduction of Clif
  • 01:20 Clif joins show; China no longer buying US debt; BRICs have created alternative to SWIFT; American empire dying
  • 06:00 Anti-trends: Fat vs Extreme calisthenics move; Dumb vs Documenting real skills online; Happy vs no depressants
  • 16:30 Breakout of independent media; 1% of population will not back down
  • 17:55 US Corp created in 1871 is collapsing
  • 18:45 1970s digital revolution; 1980s Telephony; Analogue to Digital; Now currency is going digital and peer to peer; Bitcoin
  • 23:30 Bandwidth caps in regional Internets; Agenda 21
  • 29:00 DIY, hacker communities, SOCs all undermining government controllers; DHS = Department of Human Sacrifice; WiFi Mesh Networks
  • 39:18 Clif’s first bitcoin exposure; Creativity has spiked in the digital world; Bitcoin, as money for the digital world, will cause another spike in creativity; 21 million limit
  • 46:40 Using bitcoin is an End The Fed strategy
  • 49:00 FiatLeak
  • 51:30 Chilling stats for Powers That Be – Most people on the planet have never heard of bitcoin
  • 55:00 Bitcoin Wallets; Armory Wallet
  • 59:31 End of Hour 1. Hour 2 seems to be lost.

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