The premier of the Prometheus movie serves as a launch point of Clif’s first explanation of the Dogon and Salish myths of the Nummo and the origins of humanity.

  • 00:40 If our solar system has a name, it means that it was referenced from the outside; Some petroglyphs reference the solar mass
  • 02:12 Alex Jones talking about the movie “Prometheus”
  • 04:12 Mythical Prometheus brought fire to man so the gods chain him to a rock and birds eat his entrails out everyday
  • 06:05 Conversations with Ogotemmêli by Shannon Dorey about the Nummo and Dogan
  • 12:30 Myth of Nummo saving humans
  • 15:52 Polynesians explored and settled an area that was bigger than the British Empire at its height
  • 18:00 Nummo were ugly-looking, immortal fish people with big brains who lived in Sirius; Nummo used their DNA to create humans
  • 12:30 Experiment One
  • 23:30 Nummo are female but can convert to male for reproduction
  • 24:30 The Jackal; Planetary catastrophe due to The Jackal crashing a Nummo liquid-copper spaceship through the atmosphere
  • 28:40 Experiment Two: The Scrubbing
  • 30:00 Eight Ancestors
  • 35:15 British royalty claim to be the progeny of Nummo semi-failed Experiment Two
  • 45:40 Is the launch of Prometheus an attempt to demonize the Nummo?
  • 47:00 Powers That Be entity is desperately afraid of something
  • 49:10 Kefir; Hunza

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