Clif reviews the book, Haboo, which tells about the Nummo and relates creation stories from the native people of his area in the Northwest.

00:28 Book: “Haboo: Native American Stories from Puget Sound” by Vi Hilbert
07:50 Legends from around the world describe an aquatic people, the Nummo; Changer
10:27 Changer sought to help humanity become aware of its immortality
15:20 Sumerian Lineage – Creation stories from the perspective of the Annunaki – the Sky People
18:15 Humanity is the result of the Nummo fixing a mistake they made that polluted the earth
21:28 Various colors of humans as changes in the Solar System
22:57 Noah myth; Coneheads
25:58 Humans result of correction of grievous wrong Nummo did to Solar system; Sky People (Annunaki came thousands of years later)
28:50 Canoebuilder snatched up by Sky People
32:56 Annunaki concerned about predators/physical damage; Also an issue with water
35:30 Dinglet in Alaska fought off the Annunaki
36:50 Annunaki dropped off people on Pacific Islands; Annunaki chose canoe builder because of his grasp of technology; Similar to L. Ron Hubbard’s “Battlefield Earth
42:00 Neither the Nummo nor Annunaki were gods; Nummo created while Annunaki tried to rule
47:15 Departure of Sky People; Nummo will return when humans develop enough
51:30 Bodies of the grey minions of the Annunaki were polluting and difficult to dispose of; Burning was best solution

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