In this introductory video for Clif High’s original YouTube channel, he explains the strategic thinking behind the channel. Lots of thoughts on chemtrails and the Bundy Ranch situation.

  • 01:13 Strategizing about a new approach to business; YouTube and MP3 files
  • 07:00 IDR Reports
  • 10:20 Bundy Ranch II shows to get started on April 24
  • 13:40 Any activity on water is 35 times more likely to kill you
  • 15:13 Discussion with Bob Hitt (AstroEcon)about chemtrails; Newly built kayak; Plenty of time to watch chemtrail grid being formed while ocean kayaking
  • 23:15 Chemtrails have become a major contributor to respiratory problems
  • 32:00 Watch end of April for shifts in gold and silver
  • 37:00 Central Banks are not a natural part of capitalism
  • 37:35 New Bundy Ranch episode; State has been bitch slapped at a perceptual level; 2 potential martyrs?
  • 45:05 Bundy Ranch and the currency wars
  • 50:30 Last second thought: Analogy provided by data: Naked women with tattoos bent over in front of you so your eyes don’t quite know where to look

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