Immediacy Data Intelligence Report for April 28, 2014 covering Ukraine, dollar, gold/silver outlooks for May into June. Video is slideshow of Clif’s kayak build and voyage.

  • 02:17 Ukraine war outbreak around the Summer Solstice, June 21st; CIA fiddling in Ukraine
  • 05:35 Technical explanation of Model Space Emotional Components
  • 06:27 Many crosslinks between Ukraine war and financial moves
  • 08:40 Crackup Boom; Desperate attempt to spend Dollar before it becomes worthless; Linked to European diaspora; Gold sell-off; Drama around major gold sale;
  • 16:40 Positive impact for global population and for Ukraine locals
  • 20:15 Small error brings about dispersion of FED’s assets (debt)
  • 25:40 Dollar dispersion linked to silver suppression which ends with problems faced for central bank which is linked to Ukraine
  • 29:30 Vaporization of FED assets linked to strong silver rise around Summer Solstice (June 21)
  • 34:30 Extreme weather forecasted
  • 37:20 Donation appeal
  • 39:10 Possible development of potentiometer

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