2015: Clif provides insight into web bot workings by explaining the importance of lexicon tuning.

YouTube video description: Lexicon tuning, BTC bitcoin, temporal markers, gold, silver, rodin coils and tin sorry, misspoke….MANGANESE and tin…MnSn2….not magnesium….

  • 00:28 Tuning the web bot lexicon
  • 02:45 Duration
  • 05:20 Folding new words into the lexicon…like iPhone and bitcoin
  • 06:20 Long-term impact of legal language
  • 06:50 Tuning for slang
  • 12:00 Bitcoin at $428 sets floor for silver
  • 18:00 Temporal marker $650 bitcoin; Bitcoin’s emotive relation to silver and gold
  • 27:45 Tin and Rodin-style coilings

Direct video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vpAHbbADxo

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