Clif joins The Higherside Chat and covers some popular themes while also providing interesting new insights on Antarctica and the model of our solar system.

  • 01:50 Clif joins show; Explanation of Web Bot
  • 04:30 Early prediction: Military Accident (9/11); East Coast Power Outage; Concordia running aground
  • 07:00 Fall of the financial system
  • 10:00 End of welfare system; Student Debt
  • 14:08 Cryptos; Bitcoin; No longer talking about anything but bitcoin and Ethereum
  • 17:50 Crypto pyramid schemes and scams
  • 19:44 Attributes of bitcoin and Ethereum
  • 24:15 Antarctica; Vast coal supplies; SIAC
  • 29:26 Antarctica in data since 2003 with science; 2012 with woo woo; Then with MOM (Model of Modelspace); Corey Goode polluted Antarctica data
  • 37:25 No heliocentric solar system; Cometary solar system; Composition of Sun – mostly iron
  • 43:45 Change of Pole Star
  • 46:49 Nazi Bell; Implosion Engine
  • 48:30 Artificial Moon; Hollow Moon
  • 52:00 Secret Space Program
  • 57:45 Clif signs off

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