The CW Chanter/Clif High interview ( has been set to private because CW is dealing with a lawsuit from Corey Good. CW explains in this recent show: (queued to the strategic point).

Lots of good discussion on the intrinsic value of bitcoin, pushback on predictive linguistics, purpose behind Blue Chicken Cult.

  • 00:11:00 Premise of WebBot tech: All people are psychic; Blondes on Boats; Nostradamus Effect; Banda Aceh Earthquake; Psychic leaks that normally come out through eyes and expressions were forced to come out through text in age of early internet
  • 00:21:00 New words created around cryptocurrencies created unusually accurate predictions; Floors predicted for bitcoin 5 months ahead
  • 00:24:50 3 data types: 1) Long-term data 2) Short-term data 3)Immediacy data; Original creation of WebBot was purely selfish–not for public
  • 00:35:00 Lots of Jewish humor and sarcasm
  • 00:38:30 We are energy beings; 4 senses, not 5; Touch is an actual connection to the body-mind;
  • 00:43:00 Money has morphed into software; As fiat dies, crypto is coming to rescue; HODL both noun and verb
  • 00:46:40 Internet world will become like India: Nation of seekers, not religions…lots of chaos but it works
  • 00:48:35 Babylonian money system vs Crypto; Trust; 2008 Crisis bailed out central banks; Next crises = nothing bigger to bail out; Crypto enables coordination of value exchange without central mediaries
  • 00:58:00 Why bitcoin won’t experience MySpace effect; Intrinsic value of bitcoin as a trusted ledger; Hyperinflation of dollar
  • 01:08:15 What makes bitcoin valuable in a market with infinite altcoins
  • 01:13:27 As a rule, a currency’s life is 72 years
  • 01:16:23 Bitcoin’s network effect and the importance of bitcoin as software
  • 01:29:00 What about AI?; Expert Systems; Nanites
  • 01:36:10 Isaac Asimov: iRobot; Brain is antenna with emulsified crystals
  • 01:39:35 Schizotypal personalities
  • 01:44:50 Avogadro’s Number; Little Bloop Theory; D-wave Computers; Mandela Effect
  • 01:50:15 Tom Delonge; Blue Chicken Cult; Corey Goode
  • 01:53:55 Clif was at Microsoft when HTML was introduced
  • 01:56:50 Time is not a river; Psychic stuff (around future) affects hormones; Continued Corey Goode stuff; MOM = Model of Model Space; Trap set
  • 02:08:30 I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I just find you remarkably uninformed
  • 02:13:50 Competitors arising in predictive linguistics
  • 02:20:55 More Tom Delonge
  • 02:25:45 Clif visited the CIA; Speed reading software; George Ure
  • 02:30:00 David Wilcock and time travel
  • 02:37:15 9 million names of God software joke

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