In his first video in months, Clif talks about reinventing himself, dealing with IBS-like symptoms, and science-based vs evidence-based approaches. He also addresses the piling on of Jordan Sather.

YouTube Description: Here we discuss my new work, health issues around NAFLD IBS Lectin intolerance, ‘science based/evidence based’ language, and shit talking Jordan Sather.

  • 00:30 “Retired” from doing the regular reports; Moving into the invention business; “Ray gun” for wine- and cheese-aging industries based on Kozyrev research on time; Pop-rivet enhancement device
  • 04:15 Fatty-liver disease and irritable bowel syndrome; Lectin sensitivity; Fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols (FODMAP); Measurement of short-chain sugars
  • 09:57 Black Seed Oil
  • 11:50 Piling on Jordan Sather; Salk Vaccine; Statins; Studies that can’t be duplicated
  • 24:50 Evidence-based
  • 27:00 More invention videos coming; Dealing with YouTube video theft

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