In Clif’s first YouTube live stream, he explains that he is recovering from recent surgery and answers several questions on the fly including offering insight on vitamins.

  • 04:20 Sound issues solved; Clif & Cathy are both age 65; Recent surgery messed with Clif’s memory; C60; Nicotinamide riboside (NR) – Niagen;
  • 14:20 River Reversed and Nuke Plants
  • 16:57 Crypto world energies seem to be compressed
  • 21:30 Mt Gox comparison; Bitcoin price suppression
  • 24:00 Financial cycles exist
  • 26:55 $100,000 bitcoin is a long way away
  • 28:00 AI projects; ORMUS; C60
  • 32:14 Expanding Earth, not pole shift
  • 36:07 Swastika represents magnetic lines from the North pole of Sun
  • 38:38 Charlie Lee’s thought on 2-year bear market in Bitcoin
  • 43:10 Practical thinking about AI
  • 51:45 Orthomolecular Medicine; RDA amount is set ridiculously low; Vitamin D
  • 58:20 Red Light Therapy; Infrared
  • 59:05 Florida Marquis on Antarctica

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