Clif High on the Litcoin Lisa show addressing the currency crises represented by things like Wall Street Bets, student loans, and the importance of creating value.

  • 00:48 Show begins
  • 02:30 Wall Street Bets; Wall Street is reluctantly adopting of blockchain to show the world that they are the “authority”
  • 07:00 Crypto owners will gain respect as they prosper
  • 09:50 Cryptos caused the shift of wealth from the elite without taking them down
  • 11:24 Mars landing: Searching for ancient life; Mars Anomalies; Manipulated images
  • 14:45 Age of Aquarius; Info analysts vs Info consumers; Secrets Revealed; Clif bitcoin offer for secret UFO info; Bitcoin’s rise = Dollar’s fall
  • 23:00 South American currency crises affected Microsoft
  • 27:00 1933 crash
  • 28:40 Mastercard trying to get you out of crypto
  • 32:00 Clif paid off his house
  • 36:00 Comparison to Germany and Japan recovery after war
  • 37:30 Behavior and conditioning of kids that lived through COVID stupidity; Bulgarians: Won’t do business unless they can “smell your words”
  • 42:45 No longer running data streams
  • 44:30 Link don’t matter anymore; CNN is spew; Know people by the value they create; Reggie Middleton
  • 49:06 Student debt is now 2/3rds of backing of the Federal Reserve; Connection to bond crises; Local money printing; Banks eat the debt
  • 53:40 Gold in Grand Canyon; Biological assets being cataloged on the blockchain; Veritaseum
  • 56:50 Recovery with Pure Sleep

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