Clif High joins Litcoin Lisa to describe humans on an energy level… What happens after death? Details of reincarnation?

  • 01:26 Show begins
  • 02:36 Sun your balls; Red light in sun balances hormones
  • 05:00 Risk; Only four senses (processed in brain); Body has touch (sensation); Brain is microcrystalline antenna
  • 08:16 Triune humans; Vagus Nervous System; Tanning
  • 11:35 5G; Negative effects of Channelling; Pineal Gland; Clif’s experience seeing channeler feeding off other people’s energy
  • 20:15 How the soul works; Soul enters fetus through mother’s breath; Ciddi
  • 26:00 Channelling doesn’t bring any new knowledge that is not already in you; Entities were corporeal at one time
  • 29:40 Clif was raised with Dinglet tribe; Raven is a trickster
  • 32:30 Energetic theatre of 9/11; Spells
  • 35:45 Book: Thinking and Destiny by Harold Percival; No heaven experience with any other being; Metempsychosis; Connecting with relatives who have just died
  • 48:00 Old film cameras may pick up auras; Software controlling digital cameras may automatically edit out “odd” things.
  • 51:00 Body mind; Feeling Mind; Desire Mind; Thinker and Knower; Connecting to Higher Self; At least 82 million reincarnations before becoming human
  • 57:50 Clif died 3 times

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