Clif on Jay Weidner show, Reality Check
The Fourth Turning and the Fourth War

  • 04:18 Fourth World War
  • 06:22 Importance of county commissioners
  • 08:40 Necessity of populace getting the living shit scared out of it; Initiation
  • 10:32 Who benefits from supply shortages? All cargo containers are being searched?
  • 17:09 Predictions for 10 years from now; Millennials will be free of baggage; Real human history; Antarctica findings; Transparent news; Open information;
  • 20:15 “They” won’t be releasing secrets because “they” will no longer exist
  • 21:50 Importance of cryptocurrencies; Liberate humans
  • 24:20 Threshold event about to be entered
  • 25:17 Demographics around masks; Population exodus
  • 26:45 Climate change; Ice Age; Winter of death due to toxin;
  • 28:25 Property/estate sales
  • 30:35 2022 winter may not be gone until May
  • 31:08 Fourth Generation Warfare – Kinetics, Information, Morality
  • 33:35 1699 Treaty of Trafalgar vs modern info warfare
  • 35:25 Joe Rogan bitch slaps Sanjay Gupta;
  • 43:10 Behind the scenes on January 6th; Fake Whitehouse
  • 50:50 Threshold event within 14 days; Sufficient shock to separate us from the past
  • 52:10 German officer says we will be introduced to the most human of the ETs; Slave species is xenophobic
  • 53:55 Elite perfume scientist analysis of receptors
  • 56:12 Speculation about threshold event: Michael Obama perp walk?

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