We must prepare ourselves for significant emotional reactions to the sudden exposure of our false history, loss of currency, community, and government infrastructure.

  • 00:29 Clif High’s Pure Sleep with GABA; C60 Purple Power Gummies
  • 04:05 Destruction of the past; Big Ugly period from Nov to Jun
  • 08:20 Indoctrination camps called schools; Clif’s college experience
  • 11:15 Destruction of FAKE past
  • 12:40 Latest Q post; Significance of 1913; Federal Reserve Bank
  • 16:44 67,000 millennials killed in 18 months
  • 18:12 King Charles pelted with eggs
  • 19:00 Mid-December emotional shock; No reports from the past can’t be taken for granted
  • 21:30 Khazarian Mafia vs Rus, Turks, etc.
  • 22:50 Will lose currency, community; Bible manipulation
  • 25:18 Will lose government infrastructure; Narradigm
  • 29:42 Messed up food supply; Seed oils
  • 30:30 Clif shooting range experience at 3yo seeing first dead person
  • 34:00 Brazil demonstrations

Direct video link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/hRn6R868pwK5/

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3 thoughts on “20221111 – DeSTRUCTION of the Past”
  1. Clif: I Really Appreciate your:
    – “SHOW Notes with Time Stamps”
    – NO background music obscuring your voice.!!!!!!! Great !
    – Your info/insight
    laziza truth

  2. Clif. – Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight and exposing the motherwefers for who and what they are. You get right to the point and give so much information that helps those of us that research about what really goes on “behind the curtain”. My husband and I really appreciate your podcasts and love your style and language. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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