Psychedelics at shamanic levels are a legitimate biological technology for discovering the “mysteries” of humanity.

  • 00:32 Psychedelics at shamanic levels, hyperspace, and the “mysteries” of humanity; Psychedelics are a biological technology
  • 03:45 Book: The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley
  • 04:45 Some avoided the Banda Aceh earthquake through a shamanic connection
  • 07:00 Talmud
  • 08:45 Hyper Code
  • 10:25 Conveying a body in Hyperspace
  • 17:30 Magnetism
  • 19:17 CERN advertisement

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2 thoughts on “20230121 – Hyper Code Hyper Woo”
    1. yea – picked that up too! Cliff is fantastic though with speed of thought/ideas & excitement to convey so much in so little time there is an occasional error. Shows we’re listening!

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