The Khazarian Mafia has used secret societies to seriously control and manipulated American since the Kennedy assassination. We are entering a new era of Shamans who’s purpose is to SAY.

  • 00:32 Overwoo is subsuming the narradigm
  • 01:29 Australian government committee to determine what Australians shouldn’t think about; MotherWEFers want to cage thought
  • 02:55 Petrie dish illustration; Universe can’t have a stasis; Consciousness wants to explore variants
  • 09:00 MotherWEFers is a generic term; Generally the Khazarian namestealers
  • 13:57 Randomness is difficult to achieve in this reality
  • 16:35 Book: Thinking and Destiny; 70-80% are gullible; Kol Nidre;
  • 18:37 Secret Societies started with Khazarian Mafia; Woke = Namestealing
  • 20:30 Cancel Culture existed during Justinian’s time
  • 25:10 Secret Societies lost lots of support due to exhaustion from WWII, Vietnam, etc.; Secret societies search for pedophiles
  • 28:00 Khazarian Mafia dominated by religion
  • 32:10 Addicted to secrets; Secrets cost big $$$; January 19 budget ceiling
  • 35:35 Shaman approach is opposite of secret societies; Psychedelics; Shaman seak relief, they encounter, and then they say
  • 41:25 We will be hearing about shaman from Mexico; Brujo; Curendero
  • 43:20 Secret societies are breaking down because we are now in the Age of Aquarius
  • 45:10 Intense period of the Big Ugly
  • 51:15 Secrets since 1947 vs the Great Revealing from 2023 to 2030 or so
  • 54:20 Magic of 9/11 was expected to freeze humanity for 50 years

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One thought on “20230114 – Reality Werkz Perfek”
  1. I love Cliffs information. he is brilliant. I sure wish he would learn how to enjoy his tea without slurping. it’s like fingernails on a blackboard.
    having said that I still listen to every single word he has to share.

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