A Ukrainian scientist seems to have created the perfect UFO detection system and is picking up UFOs of immense size and speed.

See video below showing Ukraine UFO detection study.

  • 00:30 Spaceships and the Ukraine War; Paintings UFOs in 800 and 900 AD.
  • 01:55 Ukrainian scientist tracking meteors; Two cameras spaced at 120 miles coordinating with each other to triangulate distance, size, speed, etc.
  • 05:15 Discovered unexpected objects when experimenting with instruments during the day
  • 08:27 Klingon Bird of Prey cloaking tech
  • 11:35 Perfect UFO detection system; 100-meter-long UFOs moving so fast the speed is measured in arcs across the sky per second
  • 13:50 Issues stopping them
  • 20:45 UFO info coming out; Mountains of classified info about to be exposed

Video detailing Ukraine UFO detection study

Direct podcast link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/uap-detection

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