Khazarian corruption throughout society can no longer be hidden from public because bribery dollars are becoming worthless.

  • 01:00 Benefits of coffee
  • 01:25 Illusionary social order due to fiat currency
  • 04:55 De-dollarization
  • 08:17 Homo Propensis (cone heads)
  • 08:35 True cost discovery; Actual cost of Tesla car
  • 14:50 Corruption at broad social level; Exposure of Epstein stuff when dollars have no bribe value
  • 16:00 No power to buy stuff
  • 20:00 Fake climate crises, peak tranny, peak abortion, etc.
  • 22:10 Superinflation vs Hyperinflation; Get your gardens ready
  • 23:00 Border invasions; Battles with immigrants
  • 24:00 Collapse of corporate press
  • 24:55 Legislature contacts; Senator Patty Murray fake audience
  • 27:55 Anheuser-Busch
  • 30:07 Situation is beyond Khazaraian control; Thousands of geese migrating

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