Vegetarians may be more susceptible to space alien/Khazarian Mafia mind control. The may also be more defeatist due to poor health.

  • 01:11 Melanin not Melatonin; Coconut and Avocado oil ARE better…not destroyed until 300 degrees…but the body must stay under the threshold, so better to avoid them for the first year
  • 03:57 Veterans Today article about Khazarian Mafia; Some errors, but good overall; Reagan idea of humanity being attacked by space aliens
  • 06:22 Helping normies get their heads around the idea of space aliens
  • 08:25 Cone heads (homo capensis); GMOs
  • 12:28 Bix Weir ticked off about Dick Allgire defeatist attitude on Jeff Rense Interview
  • 14:06 Cone heads are hybrid species created to be self-eliminating
  • 16:40 Cone head females stopped reproducing
  • 20:25 Dick Allgire; No reason for defeatism
  • 23:25 Maybe a third of humanity is resistant to mind-control effects
  • 25:20 Trans and Munchausen By Proxy is mind control
  • 26:28 Dietary provisions by various gods; El; Exodus didn’t happen in Egypt
  • 30:45 Vegetarianism and spirituality; Growing grain slaughters for more animal life eating a cow

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