Harmony and individuation in a binary universe are the positive counterparts of chaos and control pushed on us by the current atheistic physics.

  • 00:34 Harmony and Free Will; Binary Materium; Retroduction
  • 02:38 Current physics is atheistic – gluing bits of grit together as opposed to consciousness being the beginning and everything
  • 03:25 Samkhya; Kapila;
  • 06:04 Giva
  • 08:20 Free will exists; Randomness
  • 10:25 Terrence McKenna; Hyperspace
  • 16:50 Cathari
  • 23:20 Maxwell Smart; Control; Eighty-Sixed; Ninety Nine
  • 25:05 Age of Aquarius

Direct audio link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/chaos-kontrol-and-harmony

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