Despite Simon Parks’ peddling, med beds simply do not exist as he’s presenting them. Grow opium poppies as a practical response to the breakdown of Big Pharma’s supply chain.

  • 00:48 Jim Willie interview – Trump investments in med beds; No med bed chips or software mentioned in tech publications
  • 04:00 SCENAR
  • 06:38 Charlie Ward; Simon Parks
  • 08:58 MRI equipment example
  • 10:40 Kerry Cassidy
  • 12:25 Super Soldiers; CRISPR; Clean gene editing does not exist
  • 15:15 Yugas; Adam and Eve were GMOd; 191 years to produce Adam
  • 17:30 Video of Fauci’s chief of staff in a WEF meeting excited that spike protein was attached to coronavirus shell
  • 20:00 Simon Parks and Charlie Ward peddling med beds
  • 21:13 Notch in new silver and gold coin from Treasury
  • 24:00 RIFE Frequencies no longer work in an EMF-filled environment
  • 25:48 Robert F Kennedy (RFK) on climate change
  • 26:45 Poppy seeds for opium; Big Pharma supply chain breaking down; opium tea for pain; Papaver somniferum

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