The emerging civil war in France portends many temporal markers that ultimately lead to the bankruptcy of the EU, WEF, and UN.

  • 00:37 Active civil war emerging in France; Spreading in Europe
  • 03:20 Trans Munchausen syndrome by proxy; Estrogen making Dylan Mulvany crazy
  • 06:00 Long columns of trucks/people to flee northern Europe; Sweden temporal marker
  • 09:02 Racial issues in Holland
  • 10:40 Death of Dollar will cause downfall of woke ideology in Europe
  • 11:55 Temporal markers around Rothschild estate invasions
  • 14:15 Global international airfleet is operating at 40% due to vax
  • 15:40 EU is teetering on bankruptcy
  • 17:30 Weapon trafficking has surpassed human trafficking in France
  • 19:28 Bill Gates malaria mosquitoes
  • 20:32 Globalists engineered the supply chain breakdown; Religion formed in the Kali Yuga; Further supply chain issues due to weather
  • 24:47 Bankruptcy of EU, WEF, and UN

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