Understanding the Universe favors novelty (decentralization and distribution) will help you ride innovation waves.

  • 00:34 NASA acknowledges Sun is emitting new energy
  • 02:32 Time powers everything; Various religious texts are actually instructions
  • 08:15 Babylonian money magic introduced 6000 years ago; Kozyrev time experiments; Escalating experience of novelty
  • 12:00 Our current time is dominated by release language
  • 13:40 Harmonizing with developing trends by understanding the Universe favors novelty
  • 15:15 Argument for other life in the Universe
  • 16:20 Gon laboratories of the El
  • 20:20 New Christianity
  • 22:30 No room for false novelty
  • 23:45 El removed Chromosome to make humans
  • 26:00 Kozyrev-type experiments
  • 27:50 Data predicted “new money” – Bitcoin; Universe wants central banks removed
  • 31:00 The Satan = lawyer; Baal; Devas
  • 35:00 CBDCs will fail because it doesn’t harmonize with novelty; Irreversibility supported by Universe

Direct audio link: https://clifhigh.substack.com/p/welcome-to-the-release-party

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