School kids will rebel against their woke school system—red-pilling them—and cause huge consternation for administrators. Space aliens on the moon will become a primary public discourse.

  • 00:40 Emergence of war into public consciousness; Will we wear blue raincoats; War will be significant in the 2024 elections
  • 02:16 Significant number of young adults listening to Clif; Aware kids will cause issues in school; Insurrections in schools; Teachers are abysmally ignorant
  • 09:00 Biden admin will freak, Banking will be affected
  • 10:00 School administrators will be put in a bind; Collision of paradigms
  • 13:40 Uplevelled discussion about space aliens
  • 15:45 Diminished influence of mainstream media after April 3rd
  • 19:15 Moon inhabited; New officialdom influence – No more Biden influence
  • 23:00 Moon Aliens
  • 28:00 Abandonment of religion as understanding of space aliens is absorbed
  • 30:20 Red Pill the School Movement
  • 34:30 School administration costs 2.5 times teacher’s pay

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