Clif Clip – Clif’s unvarnished opinion of GESARA, NESARA, QFS, Charlie Ward and Simon Parks

One thought on “Clif Clip – GESARA, NESARA, QFS, Charlie Ward, and Simon Parks”
  1. From Clif High on his Telegram page –
    So for all the people that believe in an external savior for their personal financial situation by way of QFS, note how often the shills for it having been saying “it is held up. Delayed. There has been sabotage. Delay to train bankers. Delay to get (something) fixed.” and ALL the other excuses. Especially IF all this were true, like facts, it would mean that your QFS is a real shit ‘system’ & not worth having. QFS is garbage. The ‘financial system’ of the [central banks], all owned by a Rothschild somewhere in the background, is crashing. EVERYONE will go through this. There is NO QFS to save your ass.

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