Clif High on Jeff Rense

4th Clif High interview from Rense archives. October 7th still predominates data. Clif accurately predicted resignation of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf—within a day—five months early.

  • 00:46 Intro of Clif
  • 01:26 Clif joins show
  • 01:46 October 7, 2008 still showing up
  • 10:00 Predicted resignation of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf five months early, one day off
  • 20:40 Bad winter; Schools close in northwest due to no heat
  • 22:30 Earth as a gyroscope; Electric Universe
  • 24:00 Food shortages
  • 31:45 2012 being overhyped
  • 38:15 Possible December 11,12,13 earthquake; Canary Island fracture

Show run second time September 10, 2008.

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